Call for Volunteers for WordCamp Mumbai – Meetup

A few days ago we got approval to start pre-planning WordCamp Mumbai 2014. There are still a lot of things to be discussed like dates, venues, sponsors, speakers and more. Andrea who is the Dot organizer for Automattic, has given Alex good pointers on how to go about the pre-planning phase of the event and more importantly what are the expectations.

We have been organizing WordPress meetups in Mumbai every month for a while now, primarily using our Facebook group for announcements. Now since most of the meetups feature discussions around organizing WordCamp Mumbai, we will be using this website itself to announce future meet-ups and agendas around it.

Here are the details of the monthly meetup to discuss WordCamp Mumbai

Date: 27th October 2013 at 11.30 AM.


Only About Dreams – Office
B/601, Samajdeep CHS,
Near Balbharti College,
Kandivali (West),
Mumbai – 400067

Here is a short list of things we plan to discuss and organize.

  • Venues and dates suitable for WordCamp Mumbai
  • Drawing up a initial list of suggestions and expectations of the community
  • Chalking out a preliminary list of venue suggestions, budgets and sponsors
  • Discussing how to choose speakers and how to encourage more local speakers

So basically this is a call for volunteers. We already have a few regulars at the meet-ups who have promised to get involved, but we want involvement to get truly get a bigger push.

We want to makes this into a truly community driven movement and want loads of feedback, suggestions and help.

So don’t be shy leave something back in your comments. We also have a Facebook Page , Twitter and Google+ page put up.

Thanks to Ronak Thakkar to volunteering his place for the meetup.

4 thoughts on “Call for Volunteers for WordCamp Mumbai – Meetup

  1. Achin Kumar

    First of all….Good to hear you guys coming back with Wordcamp 2014 🙂 It would be great to see how inclined we are towards current trends in and around WP.

    Also, lets buy-in some more time and make it more and more interactive. Kudos to you guys.


    1. Aditya Kane Post author

      Hi Tanmay, thanks for your interest. The Facebook Group is at this link.

      We are currently managing all WordCamp Mumbai related announcements from the dedicated social media accounts mentioned at the end of the post.

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