#WCMumbai – WordCamp Mumbai Official Hashtag

With only six more days for WordCamp Mumbai to kick-off, we surely expect a lot of you will be sharing your questions, plans and expectations on social media. At the event too I am sure you will be posting photos from your phones, tablets and cameras on social media.

The best way to bring to event photos, tweets, comments in a single place is to use hashtags. Twitter and Facebook both support hashtags. We have decided to use #WCMumbai as the official hashtag for WordCamp Mumbai 2014. We shall use this on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram updates.

So make sure you too, use the #WCMumbai hashtag on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram posts.

Few things about #WCMumbai

  • Be respectful. We are introducing a Code of Conduct to WordCamp Mumbai. This is to keep the engagement interesting and informal but not disrespectful, discriminatory or hateful.
  • Keep clam and don’t spam. We do not want #WCMumbai trending on social media for the wrong reasons. Hence we will not be having any Twitter contests giveaways. I am sure we do not need to bribe our fellow WordCampers to share their interesting updates and photos on social media.
  • Do not forget the real world. Broadcasting your tweets and FB posts about the event but do not forget that sitting with you in person are some awesome members of the WordPress community. Do not forget to engage with them. 🙂

Last few days of Tickets Registration: imojo.in/wordcampmum

2 thoughts on “#WCMumbai – WordCamp Mumbai Official Hashtag

  1. Raj Mehta

    Hey Aditya 🙂

    As I told in my tweet earlier, love the fact that there aren’t any twitter contests….

    also, I’m really happy to know you guys didnt use any numbers in the hashtag like #WCM14 or something…. The current one sounds great!

    hehe… And please don’t think that this is spam or something…

    It’s just that I really appreciate the stuff that you guys are doing for the community…. If something comes up, I’d love to volunteer and help you guys in any way possible! 🙂

    1. Aditya Kane Post author

      @Raj: Thanks for your support and offer to volunteer. Yes, I and other organizers do not like Twitter contests much so thought we have to walk to the talk.

      Will be great to see you at WordCamp Mumbai 🙂

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