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Bigul Malayi on Setting up and running WordPress Multi-lingual sites

My name is Bigul Malayi. I come from Kozhikode, Kerala. For the last eight years I have been a open source enthusiast, specially in PHP & WordPress field. Earlier I worked for a few small startup companies. Since 2011 I have been working for OnTheGoSystems (the makers of WPML, Views, Types and CRED plugins) as a Quality Assurance Analyst.

In my daily work I’m up to date with various multilingual issues WordPress developers and users deal with. I would like to share my experiences about WordPress Multilingual here.

My topic will be Setting up and running WordPress Multilingual site. During my session I will share with you overview global practices, advantages and easy methods to create and running WordPress Multilingual Sites.

What I will be covering in the session

  • Part 1. Multilingual website – why it is worth investing

    • Languages on the Internet – statistics

    • The benefits of having a multilingual site

    • For the site owner

    • – For the WP developer

  • Part 2. Understanding the bases – what is a multilingual site and what it is not

    • Examples of multilingual sites done not right

    • Examples of multilingual sites done not right

    • How to do it right and why

  • Part 3. Making your WP site a multilingual site

    • Choosing the solution (different possibilities and plugins)

    • Installation and configuration – what to handle

    • Language switcher – good practices

    • Translating the contents (various WP elements to translate)

    • Keeping updated (different user roles, different needs)

  • Part 4. Tips and hints

    • Why making it comfortable for non-technical users is important

    • What can you do to simplify their lives

    • Themes and plugins compatibility

    • The importance of good technical support

    • eCommerce support and compatibility


Being a part of Multilingual plugin makers team I know the mistakes users usually make, can understand user needs, and know good practices to do it right. Moreover I think it would be a good opportunity to share my knowledge with others because our great nation is a land of many languages too.