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Karthik Magapu on GPL – What is this license ? Myths around it!

I am Co-Founder and Chief Explorer of Hummingbird Web Solutions, which builds and supports products for web developers and web designers. WordPress is a big part of what I do – WPeka

Open Source has changed the way software gets created in the world over the last few decades. No longer is creating great software that millions will use only the privilege of the few lucky programmers working at Microsoft, Infosys or IBM! If you have internet access and can write code in a simple editor, you could influence the world with your software.

My talk will be around the GNU General Public License (GPL) – one of the world’s most popular and adopted license for open source projects.

My Session will cover

  • Introduction to GPL, history of GPL and the way ahead.
  • How does GPL foster faster innovation?
  • What about security and privacy concerns in GPL software such as WP?
  • GPL and WordPress – what does it mean for WP Theme and WP Plugin developers?
  • GPL and the content you create – how does GPL affect bloggers?
  • Common Myths about GPL
  • Question & Answer Session


You will come away from my talk with a good understanding of GPL and be able to debate and share your opinion on some the the myths around GPL!

You can read the full GPL text here… or read a simpler version here…

GPL is not as complicated as it sounds or looks. Once you understand the basic philosophy behind Open Source and more specifically the GPL, the text will be as clear as day to you.

Do let me know if you have specific questions or doubts about GPL that you are expecting me to cover, I will try to weave them into my talk.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 15th and 16th March at Mumbai!