Call for Speakers

WordCamp is all about having great speakers talk about different things regarding WordPress. The time has come for putting out a “call for speakers” for WordCamp Mumbai 2014.

Speakers sessions will be confirmed and announced as long as they meet the criteria on a first come first serve basis.

Do not forget that the speaker registrations will close on the 15th February 2014.

Before applying do go through our guidelines and fill out the form below.

Speaker Guidelines

  • The speakers sessions will have to be on topics that are related to WordPress. This is a no-brainer but diverging a little off WordPress sometimes when you take questions is fine, but the core of your talk must be related to WordPress.
  • As a speaker, you should have a decent level of expertise over the topic of your session. Speakers should be ready to take questions during the talk at times and obviously after the talk is over.
  • Speaker sessions are planned to run 25 minutes and then a 10 minute Q&A. An additional 10 mins might be given if the speaker is showcasing a live demo. If you want an even longer session, do mention why in your application
  • Speakers will need to submit their final power-point presentation and a final write-up or blogpost on their topic by 28th February, which is two weeks before the event day.
  • We expect our speakers to be contributors to WordPress community. This means we expect them to pay for their own travel and stay. This is a speaker’s way of contributing to the WordCamp.
  • We expect speakers especially who are talking about tutorials to actually do give live demos of some kind.
  • We also expect our speakers to be participants at the WordCamp. This means speakers will need to ideally be around for more than just their own session.

All speakers, participants, organizers and volunteers are all expected to follow the Code of Conduct at WordCamps.

speaker call is now shut.