WordPress for Dummies!


Getting yourself a WordPress blog/site is not a rocket science like many think. It only requires little knowledge on doing things right and you are good to go.

Here are some things my speaker session will cover.

  • Domain & Web host: How to choose the right domain and web host for yourself.
  • One click install and how to use install if your web host does not provide this option
  • Theme selection: There are three types of themes – I will cover difference between Free, Paid or Premium themes and Custom themes
  • What are plugins and which plugins should I have
  • Using the Import tool. If you have an existing blog on Tumblr, blogger, wordpress.com, another wordpress instance etc, you can import the posts, media, comments and all to wordpress via the Import tool.
  • Security Basics: You must use a very strong password for your wordpress admin, FTP, database etc. to avoid hacking, malware injections etc.
  • A Backup plan – Take Regular Backups and schedule a backup of your WordPress setup.
  • Keeping your WordPress Updated
  • The best way to teach yourself more about WordPress is to Google it. Chances are you will be pointed to the rights direction.