Prasath Nadarajah on “How to become a plugin developer

My name is Prasath Nadarajah. I am a code wrangler at Automattic, makers of and other services around WordPress. I live in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I started contributing to WordPress back in 2011. I participated in Google summer of code 2011 with WordPress where I wrote an extension to XMLRPC API. In my spare time I like to travel, read and hike.

I have been contributing to WordPress for around 3 years now and wrote a few plugins. I would love to introduce WordPress users on “How to become a plugin developer?”. In this session I am looking forward to cover basics of plugin development, useful tools, debugging techniques, useful resources and best practices in plugin development followed by a QA session.

What I will be covering in this session

WordPress is one of the popular content managements system out there now. It now powers around 21% of the entire web. The plugin directory has almost 30,000 plugins to cater specific needs for your website. Often times you may need develop your own plugin to get some functionality in your website. This session is useful for WordPress users who want to start plugin development.

  • Introduction to plugins
  • Technologies used in WordPress
  • creating your first plugin
  • Choosing your IDE
  • Master your IDE
  • Browser extensions
  • WordPress plugins for development
  • Tips & tricks in plugin development
  • Useful resources
  • Questions?

In conclusion this session helps general WordPress users to have a glimpse of what it is like to develop a plugin. If you want to dive in a learn more then WordPress codex is the best place to start with.

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