Photographing WordCamp Mumbai 2014

Camera-IconWordCamps celebrates open-source culture and keeping that in mind we are not going to have any official photographer for the event. We are going to open-source photography at WordCamp Mumbai 2014. 🙂

There are many people who have approached us with questions on how they should go about photographing WordCamp Mumbai. To help you guys contribute your awesome photos of the event in a more streamlined manner, we thought of putting up some helpful pointers.

  • Be respectful. While taking photos do not obstruct the view of audience. Also avoid crowding a single area.
  • Avoid using a brand logo or watermarking your photos. We would love to share photos giving you credit on our Facebook page or even on this website. But watermarked or photos with brand logos will not be shared or used by us.
  • Make sure you drop in your photos with us. We will probably have a computer available that will be used only to streamline photos from everyone. It will allow as to keep track of who took which photo and credit them properly.
  • We do not have access to any lockers or safe-keeping areas for expensive camera equipment. You are responsible for your own camera equipment.
  • Last but not the least, make sure you feature in some of your own photos. Usually someone who take photos at such events ends up not featuring in them at all. So make sure to help each other out and get a few of your own snaps taken. 😉

Drop in your comments with any more questions or concerns.

Note: Tickets for WordCamp 2014 are available here.

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