Jatin Hariani on “Git for WordPress Development”

Over the years, we have seen various approaches in handling code versions. From saving multiple copies of files to taking back ups on multiple machines, people have tried (and failed with) almost everything that was deemed possible. All this changed towards the end of last decade.

The Linux community gave the world Git, a distributed version control system which has since become the de-facto standard in modern workflows.

The session will start with a basic introduction and will run through basic git commands. I will then touch upon how Git can be used in WordPress development to dramatically improve your workflow. This will be followed by how to create and use a Github account.

It will conclude with a section on how to use Git from within your favorite code editor. The session will include demos for most topics covered.

Summary of the topics included in the talk

  • Introduction to Git.
  • Installing Git on your development machine.
  • Basic features and commands.
  • Setting up a WordPress theme with Git
  • Setting up a Github account and hosting your work on Github
  • WordPress and Github

Experienced developers may also be able to pick up something new. Either way, the session will provide you with insights to the importance of Git in modern WordPress development workflow.