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Amit Singh on WordPress as Rapid Prototyping Tool

I am partner at WPoets, a WordPress based website design and development company. I am working with WordPress since 2007 and created few plugins over time. I also help organize various tech events in Pune, including WordCamp Pune.

I would be talking about how we can use WordPress as prototyping tool and why it is much better option then using tools like powerpoint, balasmiq and other wireframing software’s people use.

What I will be covering in this session

WordPress is powerful enough CMS that is used in multiple ways, and developers are already creating web application with it. One aspect of WordPress has got less attention then it deserves, when few plugins and themes are combined it becomes a very powerful wire framing and prototyping tool.

  • What is prototyping, why prototyping is done
  • How it is usually done, talking about tools like powerpoint, pencil, balasmiq
  • Introducing WordPress as an Alternative
  • Showing how can we create wireframes using following plugins
    • Page builder by site origins
    • Aqua page builder
    • WYSIWYG 3D Visual HTML Editor & Drag And Drop Web Page Editor
    • ACF
    • Custom post type ui
    • Easy form builder
    • S2Member
    • Profile Builder
    • Ultimate shortcodes
    • WordPress canvas shortcodes
    • An example of using these tools to create a quick prototype

    This session would be useful to early startup founders, designers or any one who considers themselves as ideas person and need others to help create it. After this session they should be able to bring their ideas to a prototype stage and get early feedback’s.