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And That’s a Wrap up for WordCamp Mumbai 2014


WordCamp Mumbai 2014 is finally over. The excitement and the memories we collected over the weekend (15-16 March) will last for a long time. Let us get down to a recapping the event.

The first day (15th March) started a bit behind schedule around 10.00 am when the registration desks opened. Our attendees patiently made proper queues to get their ID cards and kit. With a few more cups of tea we started the day. Over the next two days – many of the sessions took us to WordPress nirvana.

Our speakers were awesome, helping out with questions, trying to engage and we as organizers feel very proud of all of them. Our attendees put with some patchy WIFI on the first day but were nice enough not to complain too much. 🙂

We added the local flavor of Mumbai by serving Vada Pav on both days.

As an organizer we got a lot of positive feedback and you can give us a more exhaustive feedback by filling out our post event survey.

Let me start by thanking our sponsors. We also had a wonderfully maintained and spacious venue. The organizers and volunteers were thrilled to work with over 300 attendees who finally ended up visiting WordCamp Mumbai.

Recamp of some blogposts about WordCamp Mumbai

Also checkout this entire blog series by Saurabh Shukla –

(Will keep updating this list with more blogposts as they happen)

Thank your for all your support and good wishes. Hope to see you at another WordCamp sometime soon.

#WCMumbai – WordCamp Mumbai Official Hashtag

With only six more days for WordCamp Mumbai to kick-off, we surely expect a lot of you will be sharing your questions, plans and expectations on social media. At the event too I am sure you will be posting photos from your phones, tablets and cameras on social media.

The best way to bring to event photos, tweets, comments in a single place is to use hashtags. Twitter and Facebook both support hashtags. We have decided to use #WCMumbai as the official hashtag for WordCamp Mumbai 2014. We shall use this on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram updates.

So make sure you too, use the #WCMumbai hashtag on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram posts.

Few things about #WCMumbai

  • Be respectful. We are introducing a Code of Conduct to WordCamp Mumbai. This is to keep the engagement interesting and informal but not disrespectful, discriminatory or hateful.
  • Keep clam and don’t spam. We do not want #WCMumbai trending on social media for the wrong reasons. Hence we will not be having any Twitter contests giveaways. I am sure we do not need to bribe our fellow WordCampers to share their interesting updates and photos on social media.
  • Do not forget the real world. Broadcasting your tweets and FB posts about the event but do not forget that sitting with you in person are some awesome members of the WordPress community. Do not forget to engage with them. 🙂

Last few days of Tickets Registration:

Photographing WordCamp Mumbai 2014

Camera-IconWordCamps celebrates open-source culture and keeping that in mind we are not going to have any official photographer for the event. We are going to open-source photography at WordCamp Mumbai 2014. 🙂

There are many people who have approached us with questions on how they should go about photographing WordCamp Mumbai. To help you guys contribute your awesome photos of the event in a more streamlined manner, we thought of putting up some helpful pointers.

  • Be respectful. While taking photos do not obstruct the view of audience. Also avoid crowding a single area.
  • Avoid using a brand logo or watermarking your photos. We would love to share photos giving you credit on our Facebook page or even on this website. But watermarked or photos with brand logos will not be shared or used by us.
  • Make sure you drop in your photos with us. We will probably have a computer available that will be used only to streamline photos from everyone. It will allow as to keep track of who took which photo and credit them properly.
  • We do not have access to any lockers or safe-keeping areas for expensive camera equipment. You are responsible for your own camera equipment.
  • Last but not the least, make sure you feature in some of your own photos. Usually someone who take photos at such events ends up not featuring in them at all. So make sure to help each other out and get a few of your own snaps taken. 😉

Drop in your comments with any more questions or concerns.

Note: Tickets for WordCamp 2014 are available here.

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Last Call for Speaker Applications for WordCamp Mumbai 2014

Note: Speaker applications are now closed.

We are really happy to see a nice response for speakers sessions at WordCamp Mumbai 2014. With just over a month left for the event, it is the business end of preparations for the event.

We will shut-down our Speaker Registrations for WordCamp Mumbai 2013 on 15th February. That just 5 days from now. So if you think you or a friend of yours should speak, hurry up! 😀

Remember to read the guidelines before applying on our “Call for Speakers page

Our Speaker line-up at the moment is looking pretty good and we hope to be adding some good ones over the next few days.

Our entire list of speakers confirmed can be viewed here and you can purchase a ticket (Min Rs. 300) here.

Important Links

Become a Sponsor at WordCamp Mumbai 2014

WordCamp Mumbai 2014 has now opened sponsorship slots. The two day long event will be held on the 15th and 16th of March 2014 at Manik Sabhagriha Auditorium, Bandra (W), Mumbai. The auditorium has 800 seats while we hope to attract a crowd of over 500 at the minimum.

People attending will obviously be WordPress enthusiasts but many will be influential bloggers and open source software supporters.

At the moment we have 3 types of sponsors, which are Gold, Silver and Bronze.

  • Gold Sponsor – Rs. 75,000/-
  • Silver Sponsor – Rs. 50,000/-
  • Bronze Sponsor – Rs 25,000/-

Check out our “Call for Sponsors” page to look at more details of what sponsors will get and also how to go about registering as sponsors.

Grab your tickets for WordCamp Mumbai 2014!

Tickets for WordCamp Mumbai 2014 are available now. You can buy your tickets here.

This will be a “Pay what you want event” where you decide the price of the ticket you want to buy, but there is a small catch, the minimum amount payable is Rs.300/- (This is to help us cover some of very basic expenses that are incurred per attendee)

To enable this ticketing process we are using Instamojo.

Why Pay what you want?

We have kept the price of the ticket to a minimum so we can encourage a lot more participation. But for us you are not just WordCamp attendees but participants in the event.

With pay what you want, you can support WordCamp Mumbai by paying more than just the base ticket amount.

Feedback is important!

When you purchase a ticket, you will need to answer some questions which will give us an idea of what the attending crowd will be like. So make sure to give us accurate info, so we can tailor our sessions accordingly.

So go ahead and Register Now!


Speaker Applications are now Open for WordCamp Mumbai 2014

Over the last month WordCamp Mumbai organizers have been hard at work getting volunteers involved. We have also unveiled our logo and work on the design is underway. Now the time is ripe for putting out a call for speakers.

Call for Speakers

Do visit our Call for Speakers page and fill in the form to apply as a speaker. We will get back to you with more information once we get your application. There are some helpful guidelines on the page that will help you decide on how to go about applying as a speaker.

Make sure you apply as speaker at the earliest as we will finalize speaker sessions on a first come first serve basis.

Speaker registrations will close on 15th February 2014.

You might also want to check out our Code of Conduct guidelines which apply to all volunteers, organizers, speakers, sponsors and participants.

Call for Volunteers

WordCamp Mumbai 2014 is on and finalized. The dates we have finalized for the two-day WordCamp are 15th-16th March. The venue is Maniksabha Griha, IES College of Management, Bandra West, Mumbai.

We already have some volunteers, who have been attending our regular monthly meetups. But now we want more people to be partake in conducting a great WordCamp in Mumbai.

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Call for Volunteers for WordCamp Mumbai – Meetup

A few days ago we got approval to start pre-planning WordCamp Mumbai 2014. There are still a lot of things to be discussed like dates, venues, sponsors, speakers and more. Andrea who is the Dot organizer for Automattic, has given Alex good pointers on how to go about the pre-planning phase of the event and more importantly what are the expectations.

We have been organizing WordPress meetups in Mumbai every month for a while now, primarily using our Facebook group for announcements. Now since most of the meetups feature discussions around organizing WordCamp Mumbai, we will be using this website itself to announce future meet-ups and agendas around it.

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